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How to follow a ship through multiple jumps?

Asked by [ Moderator ]

What are some tips and tricks for how to keep up with someone who may be trying to run from you?

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seurimas [ Editor ]

The best you can hope for is that either: A) It's a two gate system, they're going to the one that's not the one they're coming out of. Warp right behind them. Keep the chase up. B) You're there to see them jump and you can guess which way they're going based on their alignment/which way they zoom off into the distance.

In either case, you'd need a fast ship that would be able to out race their align time and get to them to point/web before they can warp out again. Interceptors could beat them to through the warp (or so I'm told) most of the time, but you probably don't want to aggress if they can just jump through because then you're stuck and they've gotten away. Your best bet is on the other end of the gate most of the time.

NN comments

That’s pretty much it. If you are really quick on d-scan and the out gates aren’t all clustered together you might be able to spot them after they’ve warped off.

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rook ares [ Moderator ]

see to where their ship aligns after they warp from one gate to another and hope that they go into a system with no gate guns.

However it is often a difficult thing to do (intentionally so) and often times you will lose them unless they are on auto pilot as autopilot gives you time to scan them down and know where they're headed. If you do have kill rights on them it is possible to scram them before they jump through if they're slow enough or you can tank the sentry guns.

Smart people who know they you're after them will often warp to a plant in alignment with a gate and then proceed to a different one, the only way to know that this has happened is if your target is still in local and not at the gate you have warped to. At this point you have to scan and hopefully find out their real gate before they go through it. But this is often difficult, so expect to lose them.

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Practice using the directional scanner. Put it in a loose cone, and understand that it follows the camera. You can tell a lot just by passing it from one hemisphere or quadrant to another. The readout conforms to the overview settings. I habitually scan objects and zones as I warp past them, even in fast moving vessels. Anytime you are moving more than 3au/s over a +15au zone, it isn't very probable that a target will get a fix on you at that very brief moment. Most likely you will be noticed when decelerating or stopped.

If you have moons or othe public objects up, this can give you some quick warp-to points. You can also distinguish between pos with and without shields pretty quickly too.

There's also a way to have a cursor extend from your ship to the target in the hud. This should give you a bead on where they are going for a little bit longer than their warp trails last.

Mostly you just have to think about your adversary. If they are in a panic, they will most likely have warped to the most easily selected object with the expectation of warping again. If they are a bit more wily, it will likely be to some previously considered location which is either hazardous or not immediately accessible.

One way to warp reliably and quickly to bookmarks is to simply have the bookmarks folder open rather than rely on mouse menus.

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gah'matar [ Moderator ]

Interceptors, especially "fleet tackler" (Ares, Raptor, Stiletto, Malediction) warp faster, align faster and fly faster then almost all ships and are the best for following a fleet. Problem is, sooner or later they'll fly off to a gate that you can't see, often when two or more gates are around the same planet and you pick the wrong one.

That being said, looking at a map can make a big difference. It might only be necessary to get a tackler (or better yet bubbler) on one gate that exits the constellation and then wait for them.

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balsakian mcgiggles

It isn't too hard, though I've only had good luck with a Rifter and other frigate sized ships. The key is to keep an eye on local and notice when your target leaves. If there are a few gates in system, quickly hop from one to the other until you find the system they are in and start directional scanning. Most times they will head down some pipe and you'll eventually get your chance to get a lock on him.

The idea is to be efficient and recognize when you've lost your target. Move fast, find a good target, and get them to either aggress you or find them at something in system. Hate to say it, but red flashy guys are the easiest to attack just because their sec status allows you to fire on them at gates/ stations/ etc. without sentry fire.

My only experience with this method is in lowsec, where I have to worry about sentry fire and sec status. I'm red-flashy so it's a little easier to get people to attack me.

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