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How to quickly link items in text chat?

Asked by [ Moderator ]

I know how to link items in chat, but typing the name, selecting the text, right-clicking and selecting the auto-link option is a little slow if you want to get some information out there.

Are there any ways of quickly linking stargates/systems, moons, ships from the overview, d-scan or combat scanner? Are there any other quick linking shortcuts for us text chatters?

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Isn’t this a duplicate queastion or at least one that has already answered elsewhere on one of the tags? shrug


No. The only related answer is linked in my answer below, but it does not cover anything except solar system linking.


Darina is right, it is not a duplicate (I thought it was initially as well :P)

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count scary [ Editor ]

Things that can be dragged and dropped from the interface into chat for a linky:

  • System Name from the top left corner as DarinaS said already
  • Any item from the market window(drag it from the left pane)
  • Any contact from your contact list.
  • Any name from another chat window
  • Any item in your inventory(Even items that cannot be linked otherwise)
  • Ship fits (drag the "name" of the ship into chat)
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darinas [ Moderator ]

In this STC post it is shown that you can drag the system name from the top-left corner of the screen into the chat window for linking. You can also drag pilot names from local chat into your text and you can link ship fittings by dragging the ship name from your fitting window to the chat text.

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