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How will a corp be able to exploit a planet in Tyrannis?

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Our corp has more or less permanently settled into a C4 WH and I would like to know what we can do with our planets? Are only the habitable planets exploitable?

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All planets have resources even those in wormhole space, some planets are better then others, and the amount you can extract from each planet will vary.

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Risky business spending isk on planets in WH unless you know you have the support to defend them. I know a few WH corps that do, but realistically, most do not. It will be a time/isk expensive exercise so make sure you are up to the job first. See above link :)

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do won [ Editor ]

Until Dust 514 I'm not sure that there is a way of attacking/griefing some one else installations on a planet, so there is window of opportunity for exploitation unhindered.
With the right equipment/skills you can exploit any planet. See this other question for more info.

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