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How would you start training on a new toon?

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Please post how you start a new toon off from the ground up.

Keep in mind training bonus, remaps etc.

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matt_12 [ Editor ]

This depends entirely on what you want it to be!

each new Character should have a purpose or focus, something to aspire to be... the ultimate PVP player doesn't exist at least not until your character is years old, you go for a focused goal you will get better results faster, and then once that goal is complete you focus on a new one.

For instance, if you want to start a Logistical based character whose purpose is to supply your main character and his corporation in 0.0, then I would say what tools do I need for this job...

Ok the idea is to move materials, fuel, ammo and modules from hi sec to 0.0 so the tools needed to complete this task and not die in a ball of flames is a Blocade runner. So goal one is a blocade runner. That can only haul around 10,000 m3 though which is a lot of trips to move POS's around and you are only going to get 1 or 2 frigates in it at most. So medium to long term goals would be to own a Jump Freighter and a Carrier. (this may be impractical money wise, but its just an idea on thought process for you) so I would factor all this stuff into EVEHQ's character creation, select the primary skills you need for a years worth of training aspirations. In this example, it would be transport ships 4, jump freighters 4 and carrier 4 along with Jump drive calibration and conservation at 4.

Once it has churned out it's predictions, choose the race dependant on what ships you want to have as the outcome and training times, write down the attribute lists, create the character into the skill loader.

Pick the ship types, and load outs in battleclinic import them into EVEHQ's fitter, you can then use this to create a training list for that character.

You will end up with a huge training list of about 600 days with this example once you've added those three ships in, but thats ok.

Next step is to click the add suggestions or training skills and it will dramatically reduce the time by adding training skills in.

Lastly do a proposed remap and see how much that saves then write down those attributes.

Then you are ready to create your character, you have a species/lineage/attribute set. You also have a training regieme and a huge cost to try to fund of about 6 or 7 Billion ISK..... Enjoy

Once your character is 3 or 4 days old, add your character to EVEMon or EVEHQ via API and add the training plan to it to continue running it the easy way.

You can use EVEMON and EFT and there are character creation tools around which will probably do the job better by the way, but EVEHQ has them all in one place and I'm lazy...

Just how I do it, but main principle remains. Know what you want to accomplish from the begining will almost certainly produce specialised characters.

My main is a Jack of all trades and has been around for a number of years ( I did leave eve for a number of years and came back though). I have a 5 month old Alt that I used creating this method who is only a million and a half SP behind my main and is catching him at a rate of about 200,000 SP per month. Plus the alt will be capital ship ready in about 10 weeks so my alt has gone straight for caps he's going to be a capital pilot, he's been created to fly one class of ships only, and what normally would take a pilot a good year and a half to 2 years to do normally will be done in 7 months with the focused mentality... Okay he won't have all the other skills, but I have made sure all the support skills needed to fly the Cap are included.

Good luck with your new character and I hope this advice has been helpful to you!

In terms of training bonuses, if you intend on a throw away character (as in one to just Mine stuff, no refining or anything) or maybe a cyno alt, then use your training bonuses to get to where you want to go quickly.... If however this character is a long term proposition move than a year, then I would almost exclusively use your training bonus on learning skills..... it will hurt in the short term, but in the long term it will pay for itself, I have done both and trust me the speed increase the learning skills give will pay for themselves within 3 months.

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shard [ Editor ]

I know this is boring but, Learning, Learning, and Learning. I was fortunate that had a sort of mentor when I first joined EVE. He advised that I chose an attainable goal that would not take an extraneous amount of time to train after my first set of learning skills and that I DO NOT cross train ships until much later into the game (again a little boring but effective). His contention was, if you cross train into multiple ship types then you would also have to train different gun types (laser, rail, projectile), missiles, armor tank or shield tank.

Since I was (am) Minmatar; I deiced to go with Assault Frigates since you could start the game (back then) with Minmatar Frigate V and then Assault ships which required Spaceship Command III, Engineering V and Mechanic V. I then maxed out my small projectile auto cannons, armor tank and navigation. With all that said, still until today I have never cross trained except to fly the Machariel which was just for pure bragging rights. Anyways, long story short, do your learning skills then progress from small ships to big because, believe me, there is nothing like losing a ship you can't defend because you are a paper tiger.

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mur grebadnub

Yup learning, sucks at first, but you fly past those who didn’t train learning up!

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