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I expect to be primaried. What roles/ships should I train for?

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I joined this game for the big fleet battles. Tons of fun when you actually get to fight. However, I have a name that's high in the alphabet, and get primaried quite often. I do not plan on changing my name. Knowing that I'll be targeted early, Are there any roles or ships that I should train up for to help out in fleet?

Are there ships that have ridiculous tanks? Should I sidestep the issue, and the fun, and go for covops?

Right now I'm putting together skills for a ratting/exploration Dominix(Sentry drones, T2 armor tanking) and am currently running around in an underpowered hurricane. I also have a set of tackling mallers that I take to fleets whenever I have the time. Fleet battles are why I joined this game, so I'm flexible if gallente will really hurt my effectiveness in groups.

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