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I want to do some Wormholing

Asked by [ Editor ]

i want to do some wormholing but im just worried what is on the other side. if you no what is on the other side please let me know.

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at least do some reasearch before posting.

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bâle [ Editor ]

Wormholes (WH) are for lack of a better term mysterious as there is no "beacon" for the local chat to work you'll have no idea who is in system with you. Each WH has different bonuses ie armor bonuses, shield bonuses, damage mods, and so on. There are different classes of WH some are easy to handle were as others you need bigger fleets to handle sites. On top of this you'll have WH corps that may aggro you the minute they find you in system. If they don't there could be a pvp party that's scanning out targets and hitting them. You'll have to be careful and keep an eye out. Directional scans are a good way to keep active and not become complacent. Wh may seem safe for a while, but it can always get nasty.

The benefits are a few in number the ones i noticed are wh space has fewer people than some low sec spots and you can set up Player owned stations (POS) that refines and lets you build. Not many POS's are taken out as far as i know unless you try to set one up where another pos is setup. We built a dread to combat anybody trying to setup a pos in ours, but that's for defense. T3 building is worth the effort, and now with planet management you can produce a lot of your fuel req in WH space. Also WH planets are really good for production they have more than any highsec planets i've come across.

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melissa blick [ Editor ]

To go 'wormholing', you should first train as a covert ops pilot (or have a friend do that for you). Then you can safely jump inside a wormhole, scan it for good sites and search for more wormholes leading out from that.

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matt_12 [ Editor ]

no way, just like a gate, unless you have someone there already you can't know.

Also unlike known space, unless something lands on grid with you, or is dumb enough to type in local, you won't know they are in system either

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First of all, wormholes are nothing like you've ever done before. Depending how old your EVE experience is, you'll need to do wormholes before you do nullsec. I know it helped me A LOT.

OK, for one, there is an esential site that will help you figure our what you'll find in wormholes:

And before you go in, you really should check this blog, and particularly, the second link i'll give you.



Disclaimer: I don't own any of these sites. They're pretty good though.

Also, a couple tips:

  • Drake.
  • Bring Friends.

Best of luck to you

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