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Incursion Asteroid-Belt Rats

Asked by [ Editor ]

there aren't that many incursion questions yet... so let me be the person to ask... cause i love to wonder about stuff... even if i'll never get it done...

i have now today been to a High-Sec Incursion a little, i mostly flew to the asteroid-belts and killed the rats there.

so my question is:

  • how many kinda spawns are there in High-Sec?
  • how many kinda spawns are there in Low-Sec?
  • how many kinda spawns are there in Null-Sec?
  • what ship types do these spawns contain? (sizes? names?)
  • do they web, warp-jam, ECM-jam, neut or anything else?
NN comments

ok so they seemingly teat the rats in the belts like sites… Scout level site named Nation Industrial Proxy… reward was 50 LP for two people per site

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deantwo [ Editor ]

the 5 (or so) belts that i cleared in a 0.5 system seemed to all be the same kinda spawns.

Spawn types:

High-Sec Spawn type 1 (only spawn type in High-Sec?)

the waves were:

  1. 3 Jel Rhomben
  2. 1 Jel Rhomben, 2 Youl Meten

when you enter the belt the first wave (a.k.a. the three Jel Rhomben) were already there. after getting rid of them, the second wave spawned. when the second wave was gone a popup message appeared saying the belt was clear.

Rat types:

Jel Rhomben: a fast frigate

  • normal speed about 500m/s
  • AB/MWD when it has to get into range
  • orbit at 12km

Youl Meten: a webbing frigate

  • normal speed about 300m/s
  • AB/MWD when it has to get into range
  • orbit at 7-8km
  • webber
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