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Is it OK to turn down missions I don't like?

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What are the consequences for turning down a mission?

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caneb [ Editor ]

If you turn down two or more missions within 4 hours, you will suffer a small standings loss. Note that the standing loss for declining a mission is smaller than the one for failing a mission.

A better alternative is to find an agent from a division that only gives you the kind of missions you want. If you for instance only want Kill type missions you want to find an agent from Security, Internal Security, Command or Surveillance.

You can see what type of missions the various divisions will give you here:

NN comments

Beware that the mission type distribution and the quality have been changed in a recent patch. Now, all agents are considered as Quality 20 for their own level, and will give you only one type of mission, depending on their division. See :

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mykael [ Editor ]

Yes it is okay to turn down a mission that you do not like. However if you turn a mission down within 4 hours of the last one you turned down it will result in a loss of standing with that Agent. So make sure you really don't like that mission before you turn it down.

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harlock [ Editor ]

Yes more than OK to turn down missions, especially when they involve "races faction" standing hit for you. If mission involves killing gallente or caldari (or the two others), you might want to skip the mission so that you don't get banned from empire space. Or having to do low level missions for said empire to grind back status loss.

Always check eve-survival when requesting a mission BEFORE accepting it !

You can decline it with no drawback, once per four hours.

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