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Is it worth it training level V on my learning skills?

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I've heard it is/isn't worth it. Should I spend my time training those skills (T1/T2 learning skills) to V?

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canhasgank [ Moderator ]

If you use EVEMon you will get suggestions on when your training time will benefit from training learning skills first. When EVEMon suggests you train learning skills the reason is that the total training time with the current skill plan is shorter including the proposed learning skills.

Most older players will agree that it is a good idea to train your basic learning skills to 5 and the advanced ones to 4. Going all level 5 will take a very long time to pay of.

Consider what you are going to train before training learning skills. There's no point in increasing your charisma if you're not going to train leadership or trading skill for example.

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ecaf ersa

I have done a great deal of number crunching on this and concur with CanHas that 5 and 4 is the way to go although often Charisma will be level 4 and 3 unless you have a good reason otherwise.

A level 5 on a rank 3 takes an astonishing 350-400 days to get back the time spent (that’s while training skills with that attribute as primary!) so only for the long haul – although I did train it on Clarity for the all important Perception :–)

Check the link for more numbers and facts on that and skills in general:


Also keep in mind that most of the time you don’t plan skills for the next 3 years… still if you were to do so, evemon would most likely suggest you to take some of the higher levels of learning skills.

Planning “short” won’t trigger those suggestions obviously, cause you don’t spend enough time to make it worth.

but if you only make 3 months skillplans, then after 3 or 4 of those, you could have gained a bit with some investment in a high learning skill.

Don’t know if I make sense somehow…

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sarah_41 [ Editor ]

Since we can now do a neural remap of our attributes once per year, the best way to train up the Rank 3 Learning skills is to train the ones that will complete the fastest during the current neural map. For example, my current neural map has Perception and Willpower maxed out, so I have trained Clarity to 5 during this time. Then, on my next remapping, I will max out the Intelligence and Memory attributes. Over that one year period I will train Eidetic Memory and Logic to 5, etc.

Since training the Rank 3 Learning skills to 5 takes so long and EVE players are not known for their patience, that is the best way to get them done most efficiently. You don't get any "immediate" benefit from training them to 5, but the training speeds of those sexy combat skills affected by the Learning skills will benefit.

Of course, this only applies if you plan on playing the game over a span of years. If you're a fickle basement dweller with ADD who will get bored after a few months, then forget about it. :)

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Lucky you. I trained my advanced learnings to V just about 2 months before remapping was introduced.

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rashmika [ Editor ]

I used EVEMON. It never went above level 4 advanced until I started planning a massive chunk of 35 day+ skills.

Even then, I moved the recommended level 5 advanced learning skills closer to that chunk of 35+ days skills at a cost of a couple of hours or so as they offered so little to the already planned training.

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atilisa [ Editor ]

The lower the attributes are to start with, the more improvement you'll see with training the learning skills. However, if your attributes are low to begin with, then training them will take considerable time. Thus, the advantage of waiting for a neural remap when you can max out the appropriate attributes.

With decent attributes (30 primary, 28 secondary) after a neural remap, you are looking at about ten (10) days of training to take the primary Rank 3 learning skill from Level 4 to Level 5.

Using a quick online training calculator, that 1 point in the primary attribute saved about seven (7) days of skill training during the course of the year (if the primary/secondary attributes are left at 31/28 and also correspond to a skill you want to train.)

If you remap back to something in the ballpark of 20 for that primary attribute, then that 1 point you effectively trained from 19 to 20 now saves you about 12 days over the course of the year.

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