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Is there a way of reducing my office rental fee for in my faction malitia station.

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My corp has an office in a station owned by the State Protectorate (Caldari Militia) the rent is fairly high compared with the other offices. How is the cost calculated? Is there any way of reducing it?

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alec grahm [ Editor ]

There are several factors in determining the cost of rental for a station. The biggest one is the facilities at the station. Having a factory, research, or cloning available can significantly raise the rent. This determines the minimum and maximum rent values.

The next largest impactor is the number of open offices. If there are no free offices, the price increases by 5% each downtime. If there is one free office, stays the same. If there is more than one free office it goes down by (Free_Offices - 1) / 23 * -5 (with a maximum of -5%). The mechanics for this were determined in this thread and an early devblog (from 2004).

The way to reduce the cost is to find a less featureful or busy station (and in general, the less featureful will be less busy).

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