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jump clones and standing requirements

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I grasp most of what is involved with the jump-clone system, but would like to get a bit of disambiguation before investing in it, standing-wise.

Is the 8.0+ personal/corp standing required only for the creation of a jump clone? Or, is it also required for the storage of a jump clone when not in use?

ie- Can I create a jump clone at a station where I meet this standing requirement and then move and store it at a more convenient location..... perhaps a station where I do not meet this requirement?

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melissa blick [ Editor ]

Yes. The 8.0 standings requirement is only if you are creating a Jump Clone at an npc station. Once you have jump clones, you can move the clones around and clone jump without any standings restrictions.

Note that in many player-owned 0.0 stations, you can create jump clones without any standings requirements. This depends on how the alliance owning the station has permissions for the station.

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