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just how does a Passive Targeter work?

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the module most likely does just what it says on the tin, but how well does it work?

if you activate the module right as you get lock (clicking the module first and then start locking your target) does the target even have a chance to notice it?

when does it stop working? can i use a Ship/Cargo Scanner on someone with out them knowing it?

i am guessing you can't hide that your firing missiles at the target, does the Passive Targeter then just stop working? or does it only show red as long as your attacking, and then hide your target lock as soon as you stop? or do you have to reactivate it?

what about ships with a cloaking module? will they be able to cloak? or will they just be totally confused as to why they can't cloak?

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the only time i have really used a Passive Targeter was back when i was so new that i didn’t have anything else to fit… and i never did get to use it much back then… people just told me it was useless… or just said that it did what it said it did (not helpful)

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ecaf ersa [ Editor ]

Your guesses are pretty much right.

As long as you have nothing else targeted (this is important) and you activate the passive targeter first, then your "prey" will not know at all that you have them locked.

It is not considered a full lock and the targeted ship can still do everything it would normally be able to do including cloak, at which point your lock will drop. (hmmm...I have a nag in my mind about the cloaking point which I will test later on at home)

Yes you can certainly scan your prey and they will never know it has happened - I have unfortunately been on wrong side of this before!

The victim will discover that he has been locked when you actually start an aggressive move, and when it comes to missiles, this means when they actually hit the target not when it is fired. Of course turrets deal insta-damage so firing and hitting occur simultaneously. Although bear in mind with turrets that your lock turns red and shows to your victim whether you actually hit the target or not.

At this point you will have a red lock on the target and the passive targeter is then ineffective (although not sure if it actually deactivates or not) and you would have to drop lock and start the whole process again if you wanted a new passive lock - although why you might want to do that is lost on me!

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one more thing i still need to know is rather the “Auto Target Back” will manage to notice that you get a lock? or is it fooled as well?


ok i tested it on a friend a little… the “Auto Target Back” seems to be fooled ^^ i could seemingly remote repair him with out him seeing that i have a lock on him but my friend didn’t confirm if my lock disappeared, if i activated the module after targeting him…

also i noticed that the module only did one cycle… but seemingly still hid my lock…


Does this mean you cannot have multiple passively targeted locks at once, because of your first point? (It sure sounds like that’s what you are saying, but I just want to clarify. THX!)

ecaf ersa

I have never actually tried getting a second passive lock. I have tried getting a first passive lock when I already had something locked and can confirm that it does not work.

What I have not tried however, is activating the passive targeter then rapidly selecting lock on more than thing. So I’m gonna go onto test right now and try it.


I’ve found it useful when sniping ships I can instapop on a gate ;–) You get the aplha volley off without them knowing you’ve locked them up.

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