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Loki or a Tengu on PvE..? WH's

Asked by , Edited by Curious [ Editor ]

I’m in some debate wether or not to train for a Tengu or a Loki, with both having differences in Skill Training; 2-3 weeks apart, Loki being shorter and I’ve got a pretty good investment in Drones, Armor tanking but on par with Shield skills.

Trying to figure out which would be most isk/skill efficient on activities mostly with Lvl4’s, Wormhole Explo and Ratting/Hubs – I’m still reading about T3 ships; never flew one, so my experience is zero (lol).

But from what I’ve gathered people tend to favor more with the Tengu on the PvE aspect. Since Lokis have more variety in PvP I wonder if you can still be fairly good flying one for Lvl4’s, Wormhole Explo and Ratting/Hub compared to a Tengu; since I can fly a Loki sooner than a Tengu I wonder if it’s a good choice to just skill up for a Tengu all in all.

Although I can also train two pilots for a Loki and Tengu, not sure if I’ve found any dual set ups for WH’s on these two.

With a time difference is it just a better idea to just get a Loki because you can get it earlier? (subsystem skills, gunnery, core, being able to fly it)

My real Prob is that the char I’m skilling up for a Tengu has had investment in drones 3m SP+ and is a little bit Gallente spec (can armor tank in a Domi pretty fine, would be a better Ishtar pilot), though I’ve seen you don’t really need much investment for the core skills of a Tengu my only problem is/are the missile skills and subsystems… But I’d like to get into Wh’s and the faster finishes of Lvl4’s and I still have atleast 800k+ unallocated SP to spend, maybe on the missiles?

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matt_12 [ Editor ]

For Wormholes I tend to agree with Astronomix.

The Tengu has the range and more DPS.

Not nescessarily more tank though, that depends on your fit.

The Sleepers tend to be quite cunning and they will try to kite you which you will need to be careful of in higher wormhole classes, but generally your reduced cruiser size sig will protect you, just watch out for any webbers!

I have found other ships more effective then the Tengu in general PVE though.

If you went Loki though you require a shield tank still, don’t bother armour tanking for PVE, Invulnerability fields, high resists and natural regen buffer make T3’s great choices in Wormholes, life is so much easier shield tanking than trying to armour tank them. The Benefits of the Loki is it has insane shield EM and Therm Resists naturally before you put on the shiney mods.

Sleepers omni fire and omni tank though so that advantage is lost and it becomes more about the fact you can fire Heavy Missiles at greater range then arty can reach.

Good missile skills will really help in a tengu though that is for sure.

As an aside I have both, and rat in both, the Tengu is better in most situations, but the Loki is by far superior in Blood Raider and Angel Space.

The second you can not do Kinetic Damage the Tengu loses a lot of it’s advantage, couple that with the Loki’s strong EM shield resists and it becomes great against Laser opponents.

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astronomix [ Editor ]

Tengu for PvE, hands down. More tank, gank and range. Get the Loki and you will really regret it.

Tengu is simply the single best WH ship in the game.

NN comments

a bit of detailed info about why this is why.

i have been wondering this as well though im only 2 weeks from both ships so it kind of dosent mater which one

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dakota smith

For Wormholes, you really want to take the Tengu in. I know for a fact that in C3s the neuting is very heavy, so much so that you can’t even rely on a cap-stable active tank. The Tengu can fit a passive tank strong enough to tank the sleepers while putting out decent DPS at range.

For l4S, I still stand by the Tengu. Give it an AB, two resist mods, and two Gist B-Type small shield boosters and it can run any L4 easily, even killing everything in the Recon missions. It puts out great DPS at much better range than the Loki, allowing you to hit most BSes from warp-in.

TL;DR: Tengu is better than Loki at everything, except maybe PvP.

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