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Looking out for spies and scammers when recruiting

Asked by [ Moderator ]

What are some best practices for how to look out for bad people when accepting new members into your corporation?

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xkaraxis [ Editor ]


  • Google their character name.
  • Check their corp. history.
  • Ask for a limited API key to check for alts or a full key to check for alts on other accounts (usually a money trail).
  • Talk to former CEOs.

Most importantly, know what the different corp roles do and make sure you can trust the member before giving them any.

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  • Interview them. Talk to them to get a feeling for them.
  • Give them a trial period. Kick them if they misbehave.
  • Declare rules for your corp that must be obeyed
  • Stay consequent.
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serpentine logic [ Editor ]

Remember that some people buy 'used' characters expressly to have a clean background before doing their scamming. Search the character marketplace accordingly.

NN comments

Especially if character has clean employment history.


Especially if character has clean employment history.

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if they played before they will probably run missions for very few corps since they know that mission running for several corps is useless

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