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lvl 5 missions ship types

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I want to get in to level 5 missions I have a team of 3 alts each has cruser,BS and BC lvl5 so can fly most ships, what is the best type of ship or team of ships to do a level 5 mission and where are they done normally (0.0 or lowsec). Do I need a salvage ship too?

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Most lvl Vs have neuts so you'll want a passive tanked ship, Nighthawk is pretty good as it also puts out a fair amount of dps. I used an Ishtar which could tank most kin/therm level Vs without logi support as long as you keep moving and had some dps support. Having said that I would recommend using a Logi alt as that makes it much easier as long as you manage aggro properly. Make sure you know what the mission is and fit hardeners for the resists

You'll also be in low-sec for the missions so you'll have to be watching local constantly seeing as you'll be a nice target so get away from the warp in straight away and try to stay aligned to a safe.

A salvager is a good idea as you'll want to grab the tags from the wrecks.

That's just from my experience, I don't do them anymore so advice from someone who still does might be better

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