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Manual piloting

Asked by [ Editor ]

As a new Minnie pilot, I read a lot about manually piloting your ship, instead of using the "orbit" button. Now, when you do this - how do you ensure that you maintain the correct range? Any tips on how to manually pilot your ship and maintain range for a web/point?

I end up double clicking every 5 seconds and dropping in and out of range when I try to do this - is there are trick or two to manual piloting that ensures you stay in range, but don't get too close?

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canhasgank [ Moderator ]

Manually orbiting is a difficult art to master, especially in a fast ship like an interceptor. Most pilots will never get to the skill level required to master manually piloting EVE's fastest ships. Most should be able to master manual piloting of medium speed ships, though. It involves a lot of fast thinking, double clicking and changing of camera angles. It also requires excellent situational awareness.

I find personally that once you find your rhythm; drag camera, double-click, drag camera, double-click and so on, it gets a little easier.

Practice, practice, practice... there are really no shortcuts or quick tips I can offer.

Manual piloting is not only useful for orbiting, though. Any decent pilot should be able to avoid sniper fire, intercept a targets path, approaching while reducing incoming DPS etc. by piloting manually and keeping an eye on your angular velocity.

NN comments

Bunch of stuff that I know already – I do appreciate the effort. I know the benefits, and I know that one manual pilots by changing the cam view and double clicking. I know that one can spiral towards the target (reduce distance) by clicking on the mid point between the target and the edge of the screen (left or right). How would I increase the distance? I guess I am looking for someone who’s experienced in manual piloting to share his views here.


I think my main point was that the only thing that really helps is practice and a metric crap-ton of it…

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