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Millitary Upgrades, what are the specs?

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What are the specs (prereqs, size, kill requirements and such) On the military upgrade units, including pirate detection (anoms) and the one for plexes.

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nathan cox [ Editor ]

Military Upgrades

Pirate Detection Array This military upgrade adds per level a guaranteed number of at least four Cosmic Anomalies to a system, each of which will re-spawn instantly upon completion. A system will therefore be guaranteed to have at least twenty Cosmic Anomalies at all times with a Pirate Detection Array 5 installed.

Entrapment Array This military upgrade increases the chance of DED complexes spawning within a system. Every level of the upgrade increases the chance of a higher level DED complex.


All of the military upgrades have leveled components, 1-5. Each component increases in size, but not mass, with each level as follows:
Level 1 - Vol: 5,000 m3
Level 2 - Vol: 10,000m3
Level 3 - Vol: 100,000m3
Level 4 - Vol: 250,000m3
Level 5 - Vol: 500,000m3

-EVE Item Database

As you can see all of them, up to level 5, can be moved in via Jump Freighter. The level 5 upgrade must be moved in a normal freighter via stargates or wormhole.

In terms of the requirements for each upgrade(and conversely the perquisites) each upgrade requires the level before it. i.e. Entrapment 2 requires Entraptment 1. It is important to note, however, that Entrapment 1 requires Pirate Detection 3.

To add a higher tier of a military upgrade a certain number of NPC kills must be made. There is, unfortunately, no exact calculation that I have been able to find. The degradation of the upgrades is set at 1% per hour and if progress drops below 0% and upgrade will be put offline, but not destroyed.

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perfect! Just what i was looking for!

nathan cox

smug Another overly detailed and cited answer complete. :D

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