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Minimum skills to fly a Archon?

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I have an alt training to fly an Archon and know what skills I need to sit in the ship and fit the modules I want. What other skills should I add to my training queue?

What are some important skills?

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virtucon [ Editor ]

basic archon skills are of course armor tanking skills to V, with armor compensations to V if possible. of course naturally all the basic skills at V like electronics, cap skills, grid skills, navigation and all that jazz.

but besides the basics, it just depends on what you want to do with the archon. if you want to use it for nothing but doing combat anomalies, all you really need is T2 light drones and fighters..... you can skip T2 heavies and such completely :X train other drone types if you want more flexibility with your archon.

so in a nutshell advanced skills should be capital repair systems IV amarr carrier IV fighters IV.

if you want a more flexible carrier meant to do.... well what they where ACTUALLY meant to do lol (RR) then you will need these following skills.

capital remote repair systems IV capital energy emmission systems (or whatever the energy tranny is)

besides that, to do hardcore reps you will need: logistics V and the triage skill whatever it may be.

that is just a simple breakdown of what you will need to fly a carrier. there are many other skills that could be applied, like all the skills needed for targetpainters if you are going to be care bearing in your carrier.

if you have any specific questions, just post a comment.

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redmage [ Editor ]

Getting into a carrier usualy comes in stages. As you get by one you basicaly unlock more stuff to do. Just an idea. Training for them is long, so opening up a few things here and there allows you to take advantage of owning a carrier in stages.

  1. Logistics
  2. Sanctums
  3. Triage
  4. Mother Ship

Logistics - Able to jump your stuff around.

  • Jump Drive Operation 5
  • Jump Drive Calibration 4 (You will want to make this 5 at some point)
  • Jump Fuel Conservation 4
  • Capital Armor Rep 1 (5 messes up cycle time)
  • Ammar Carrier 1
  • Capital Ships 3 (REQ: Adv Spaceship Command 5)
  • Cloaking I
  • Jury Rigging 4
  • Armor / Drone / Astronotic / Electronic Rigging 4

Sanctums - PVE monster

  • Ammar Carrier 4
  • Fighters 4
  • Advanced Drone Interfacing 4
  • Remote Armor Rep 1

Triage - Be a hero, save the pos/station/fleet!

  • Triage IV (Logistics 5)
  • Max Armor Comp.
  • Capital Remote Armor Rep 4
  • Capital Energy Emission Systems 4
  • Thermodynamics 4

Mother Ship - This is when MAXING is what you need.

  • Ammar Carrier 5
  • Capital Ships 5 (MOMS turn slooooow)
  • Fighers 5
  • Fighter Bombers 5

If you are going to go beyond Logistics and Sanctums into PVP and Combat situations, you may wont to consider HEAT and DRUGS


  • Thermo Dynamics 5 (25% reduction in heat damage)
  • Nanite Operation 4 (20% reduction in nanite consumption)
  • Nanite Interfacing 5 (100% increase in module repair amount per second)


  • Biology 5 (L5 doubles booster duration)
  • Nanite Control 4-5 (Reduces the severity of side effects)
  • Neurotoxin Recovery 4-5 (Reduce the chance of side effects)

Good Luck, and don't forget Cyno Alts on separate accounts!

NN comments

Yes, Req for Large T2 rigs, should you want to put them on. Having t2 CCC’s on a carrier to recharge fast is not uncommon for a dedicated logistics carrier. But a bit of overkill if you arn’t a multi-billionaire. Also, for the extra 1.5 day, it keeps your skills sexy, L4/L5 :-D


You mentioned Jury Rigging 4 as logistics requirement. It is for T2 rigs or something else?

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