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Missing Ship Classes?

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I think the game needs a 'sniper' frigate (can fit 1/2 Large T2 guns and the whole ship rotates around them).

Do you think this would work? What are the pitfalls of this design?

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This should have been made a community wiki as there is no clear cut right or wrong answer to this.

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parrotone [ Editor ]

Large guns have such a low tracking speed that if the frigate were to move, it wouldn't be able to hit anything because it's so fast. Moreover, the powergrid requirements on large guns would mean the frigate would need a huge powergrid/cpu, and allow it to fit all kinds of modules that weren't intended originally. It would be overpowered.

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yea a frig cant fit a large gun but they can travel 2km per second or more well fitted. frigs are made to avoid damage with their speed no to sit and shot at large distance.

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