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Necessary PVP Skills

Asked by [ Editor ]

Anyone out there have a list of skills (or a link to a list of skills) which should be trained for pvp? I am trying to figure out what I am missing in terms of relevant fitting skills, gunnery skills, navigation skills, etc.

I am only looking at flying minmatar and only frig sized ships.

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darinas [ Moderator ]

In game, every sub-capital ship has a show-info tab called prerequisites and another called recommended. Prerequisites tells you what you need to fly the ship bare minimum, and recommended tells you which certificates give you the ability to fly the ship with reasonable ability. The certificate system is not a great favourite feature amongst some pilots, but it really gives you the correct direction to train after the bare minimum skills are trained.

If you fly a ship with the bare minimum skill set, you are unlikely to be able to do much with it, but if you have the recommended certificates too then you are usually much better skilled than most others flying the same ship. Especially if you take the training slightly further and train the next certificate level for each recommendation.

Be warned, some of the certificates are difficult to earn, such as core competency - the certificate allows most fitting flexibility, but has a lot of underlying certificates and skills (210d training for core competency elite in a brand new pilot!)

I want to make it clear, though: PVP skills are not really fitting, gunnery, navigation, etc. There are all sorts of skills the player must learn themselves, such as keeping transversal up so that you can hit, but the other pilot can not hit you, or the ability to dictate range, or even the basic skills of being able to find a target! For these skills I would recommend a respected university course, such as those offered by Agony Unleashed, EVE University or OUCH, or maybe enrolment in a junior mercenary corp (e.g. Noir. Academy) or pirate gang (e.g. Black Rabbits Academy).

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Some of basics:

Thermodynamics 4: Lets you overheat your mods for a good amount of time. Armor/shield compensations 4 depending on the fit(s) you run Propulsion jamming 4 Energy emission system 4 Navigation skills to 4 Fitting skills to mostly 5 (Engineering, Electronics, Weapon Upgrades etc), only two you can really wait on for a long while to get to V are Advanced Weapon Upgrades and Energy Grid Upgrades, keep those at 4 for a bit because with extremely tight fits you can get by with implants then most of the time (don't fly rifter, don't know how tight it is on fitting) Small Projectile Turret V for T2 guns, Specs up to 4 Racial Frigate V (it's not a long train, just get it over with :-) Also use faction Ammo, I think Republic Fleet ammo is the most used of the different faction variants of minmatar ammo. Bring that T2 ammo along as well.

The V's aren't absolutely necessary but highly recommended, especially the T2 guns, get T2 guns before Frigate V (Frigate V does unlock Inty, Assault Frigate and Covert Ops though which is very nice)

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mur grebadnub [ Editor ]

EVEMon FTW! Pick a ship and the fitting and add to skill Que. Then go through and make as many as you can lvl 4 or 5. That will get you the core skills, as for the secondary, "nice to have skills", it will take some reading through skill descriptions and general discussion with corp mates and others while online to figure out the best ones to train up. Also check the s skill bonus on the ship your wishing to fly, always good to max those skills mentioned first.

For example the "Wolf" (Minmatar assualt frig) has the following bonuses:

Minmatar Frigate Skill Bonus: 5% Small Projectile Damage bonus Assault Ships Skill Bonus: 5% Small Projectile Turret damage and 10% falloff per level

So might as well train those up a little :P

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