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Negotiation - What does it affect?

Asked by [ Editor ]

Hi. The Negotiation skill clearly states:

"Skill at agent negotiation. Improves agent effective quality. 5% additional pay per skill level for agent missions." my question! Does this affect the mission complete payment AND the mission bonus or is it just 5% per level to the mission completion payment?


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canhasgank [ Moderator ]

Like a lot of things in EVE, the Negotiation skill description is not to be taken literally.

Mission rewards are determined by the agents level, location and effective quality.

Effective Quality = Base Quality + (5 * Level of Negotiation) + Effective Agent Standing

Effective quality directly affects the ISK reward, loyalty points earned and your standing gain with the agent and their corporation.

Similarly, the Negotiation skill also affects the amount of research points you get from R&D agents. It may affect other aspects of the game that I am not aware of as well.

As to whether the skill affects both base reward and bonus, I am not entirely sure.

NN comments

AFAIK, both mission reward and time bonus are some base values +effective_quality%. I.e. having effective quality 55 (base quality 20 + negotiations 5 + standings 10.0) gives you 55% bonus to both base mission reward and base time reward.

ecaf ersa

I recall that at one point the skill definitely did not affect the bonus payment. I also seem to recall that one or two expansions ago it was extended to included the bonus payment. A simple way to tell is to do a mission and see if the bonus is a round number or not. A round number means no, not round, eg. ISK 123,752, means yes.

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