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Nightmare vs Bhaaglorn?

Asked by [ Editor ]

Im looking for a good PVE and PVP ship but i am addicted to lasers and shield tanking so i was just wondering which ship would be a better pick for me.

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todd ayumbhara [ Editor ]

Nightmare. The slot layout is shield-tank friendly, and it's devoted to pure damage (the Bhaalgorn has more multi-purpose bonuses).

NN comments

thats what i am prolly gonna get

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dragonrider000 [ Editor ]

The nightmare is for you. It can be used for pve and pvp at equal effectivness while the bhaalgorn is a stronger pvper it has almost no pve capabilitys. The bhaalgorn is also a solid armor tank while the nightmare is sheild/speed tanked. The nightmare also focuses on pure laser damage while the bhaalgorn is focused on Neuting/damage.

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