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Overview setup tips

Asked by [ Moderator ]

What tips and tricks do you have for configuring your overview for various tasks? (PVP/PVE/Mining)

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mykael [ Editor ]

There's no rule of thumb for overview settings but the best practice is to separate each type of target into it's own tab. I have it set up that war targets appear in every tab.

This is how i have mine set up:

Default Tab

Hostiles Tab - anything that is a player character and is neutral or below to me goes in here.

Friendlies Tab - players from my alliance, corporation, and fleet show up in here.

NPC Tab - Mission enemies and rats appear in this tab

Objects Tab - I use this section for mission non-collidable objects, star bases, and star gates.

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canhasgank [ Moderator ]

Apart from what has been mentioned already I find it very useful to have a tab with hostile drones and fighters on it. Targeting and killing drones swarming you is an important task in certain situations (tackling and waiting for backup etc.)

I use the following tabs:

  • PvP Hostile: Hostile ships, towers and force fields, gates, bombs, bubbles etc.
  • PvP Friendly: Friendly ships for remote repping etc.
  • Drones: Hostile drones and fighters
  • PvE: NPCs
  • CovOps: Everything that can uncloak you in a CovOps
  • Navigation: Gates, Sun, planets and moons
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rook ares [ Moderator ]

I have a two tabs fro PvP. One tab for ships and stations only, another for drones only. For PvE missions i have a tab that displays everything but i mostly stay in the ships tab. For mining i have it display all asteroids and stations and belts. Overall 4 tabs are sufficient.

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alec grahm [ Editor ]

Unless you are 100% dedicated to a given task, four tabs is often not enough.

Personally, I have default, dockables (gates, stations), and three tabs named I, II, and III.

In these three tabs I load whatever is approiate for what I'm doing. I have an entire set of mining (why clutter the overview yourself with ores that you shouldn't concern yourself with), pve related, navigation related, and pvp related.

Then for whatever I'm doing I load the tabs with the set I'm after. I find this works much better than trying to tweak the default tab on the fly for an unexpected situation.

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