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Passive Tengu tank Vs active while being nuetted

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I'm thinking of training for and taking a Tengu into an area where there's a lot of heavy cap nueting going on. Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

Is passive the way to go?

Fit Cap boosters?

Use faction small shield boosters and fit amps?

Other ideas?

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redmage [ Editor ]

If you are gonna go passive, go Nighthawk.

IF you are gonna go active try this:

  • Pith X-type small shield booster
  • DG Shield boost Amp
  • Active Shielding Subsystem

This is pretty expensive, but is pretty bomb. Small SB cap usage and speed, large SB regen.

However, if you can't figure out which is best, you should probobly run somethign that wont take your SP when you get popped, and costs less than 350m just for the ship (a lot more for the RIGHT mods to pull this off)

NN comments

Was just wondering if there was a ‘sweet spot’ mix of sub systems and mods I was missing.


Wait a second… “Pith X-type small shield booster”?

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id go 2 amps small booster w/ a cap booster.

You COULD passive fit a tengu but you would be better off just gettin a nighthawk imo. Not only will it do the passive tank job better but is cheaper when you do loose it. Nighthawk is pretty much T2 a drake.

I'd assume the heavy cap neuting would mean you're running level 5s? if that is the case the nighthawk is def. the way to go.

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