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Planet Interaction

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How can you tell on a single planet type in a 0.0 security level thru a 1.0 security level with the color resourse bar the same on each planet there someway to tell the how rich that white spot on the planet is....

Because if everything is equal: "A planet white spots" should be able to be clicked on, then a number should appears that gives you a ruff est. of what is there? A 0.0 Barren Planet and a .5 Barren Planet and a 1.0 Barren Planet should have different Quantity of minerals....

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Can you make a more comprehensive title ? That would help for sure…

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The color gradients are a RELATIVE indicator. If you make the spectrum slider as small as possible you can get a good feel on how dense a certain PI item is.

What should be the biggest indicator to you is how full the big white bar is in the scan menu. The fuller the bar the higher the concentration on that planet is. This really varies between individual planets and not so much security status from my perspective POV. I've been browsing planets in low-sec a bit and they don't seem to have anything exceptional except for the fact that they are vastly under developed and pretty much still open compared to high sec planets.

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Actually 0.0 and wh planets have something like a 5 or 10 to 1 ratio when compared to resources of a highsec planet. lowsec is somewhere in the middle.

In other words, highsec is really trash for serious PI making.

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evil_phd is basically right. If you set the gradient slider on one planet so it shows just a few white spots, and you view another planet in another system, and that second planet has no white spots, the second planet simply doesn't have as many resources. If you scan down the second planet and it's entirely white, the planet has a lot more of that resource. There's no way to get solid numbers afaik, since there aren't really solid numbers to give out, I guess. Unlike 'roids, you can't mine out planets... you can just decrease the output to other players if you overload a particular hotspot for materials.

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