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Planetary Interaction mainly for POS parts - any tips?

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I will shortly be setting up a high-sec POS mainly for blueprint copying and research and heard that PI can produce some of the non-ice based "fuels" it'll need.

It'll be in Minmatar space and probably a Minmatar tower if that makes any difference.

A) Would I be able to produce enough to feed an unarmed (well with offline weapons) large tower with probably around 50% CPU usage and maybe 30% PG usage?

B) Would any kind of Planet be better than another type for this purpose?

C) Can I make all the non-ice based fuels I would need?

Thanks :-)


I have managed to create PI facilities to cover the non-ice based fuels for a single large POS although it has taken 5 planets with Advanced Command Centres, 4 in low sec and 1 in high sec. I had been hoping to produce enough for 3 POSes by myself but it seems that without the resource abundances of 0.0 planets that won't be possible.

Robotics are the difficulty as it involves a 3 stage production process so needs 2 planets to make it efficient. I also produce some surplus products for storage or selling.

I have investigated the new PI system in test and although I couldn't seem to get it fully working it looks much better. It seems that you will be able to place one extractor that is scalable and therefore should replace several standard sized extractors. This should significantly reduce the daily double-click fest as my 70-80 extractors could feasibly be replaced with just 10.

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matt_12 [ Editor ]

A) depends on the worlds around you.

B) you can do it with Plasma and Storm, or Plasma and Gas. But you would need elite or at least advanced comm centres, and be lucky with resource abundances. More likely to use Barren, Lava, Gas or a three planet combo. The more planets you use the less demand you will put on the planets and comm centres you are using and so the easier and less skills you will need to achieve your goal.

C) yes you can, you need to make, Oxygen, Coolant, Enriched uranium, mechanical parts and robotics.

Resources, use the eve uni wiki, and go on youtube and search for eve pos fuel planetary interaction and you should find two videos (Pt1 and Pt2) that will help lead you through what you need to do.

However if you've never done PI before I suggest you spend some time watching the intro to pI videos on youtube first.

So you are aware, like rats... planets generally get more resources the lower the security of the world. abundance will dictate if their is sufficient resources being produced to keep up with your hourly requirements, and poor worlds with hot areas that are spread far apart will sap up your grid and CPU allowances.

Another thing to be aware of PI materials in POS's don't vary with grid and cpu consumption of the towers they are fixed rates. You will either be able to produce the materials you need to run the POS or not regardless of if guns are online or what is installed. It is only the ice products that vary with what is onlined.

EDIT: Uni link for you


cant do youtube at work sorry...enjoy.

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ecaf ersa

Great answer thanks very much – upvoted already and will accept if no better answers come (seems unlikely but I’ll give others a chance) – I forgot that only the ice fuels vary with usage – thanks for the reminder :–) I’ll check those links this evening – also can’t get youtube at work.

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Check out Louis' Epic PI Guide on the Eve Forum:

I'm a bit biased (it was put together by a guy in my corp) but I found it fantastically useful. He walks through exactly what planets types, extractor types, etc. you'll need to make all your POS fuels.

Fair warning, there's a lot of info to absorb, no matter where you get it from. You're going to want to set aside at least six hours or so (although you can break that down into 1-2 hour "chunks") to go through and get everything set up your first time around. Don't get discouraged -- once you wrap your head around what's going on, it actually goes pretty smoothly.

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ecaf ersa

After many spending many days banging my head against walls in frustration trying to make Crystalline Carbonide with just 2 towers this sounds like a walk in the park! Thanks for the link.

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rui siyuan [ Editor ]

PI-based fuel wise, to make enough fuel to run one large tower you need to extract and process the following units every hour:

Oxygen 25ph Electrolyte 64ph Water 64ph Toxic Metals 64ph Reactive Metals 66.6ph Chiral Structures 26.6ph Precious Metals 98.6ph

Precious is the challenge, obviously. You're going to need two basic processors working full time and another half the time in order to produce the 100 units per hour you need. In extraction terms, you need to pull 15,000 units of noble metals per hour out of your planet (every processor using 6,000 per hour to produce 40 units, in two half hour cycles).

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