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POS Gun Signature Resolution

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One of my jobs is taking care of several large wormhole minmatar towers. The primary threat here is a hac gang (no cap ships can come through). After lots of sisi testing, I settled on med autocannons with 0.035 rad/s tracking, 15km optimal + 63km falloff. Minmatar pos's have +50% bonus to optimal and falloff, so the guns should have 22.5km optimal + 94.5km falloff, even though this does not come up in 'Show Info'. ewar is mostly those use limited pg: several webs, scrams, ecm and one neut.

Domination med autocannons cost 10 times as much as regular ones (40 mil). Apart from lower powergrid usage (108GJ vs 121GJ), higher dmg mod (51x vs 43x) and higher ehp, there is dramatic difference in signature resolution (125m vs 400m). Therefore faction guns have the same sig res as cruiser guns, while regular have the sig res of battleship guns. Assuming the pos is attacked by a armor hac gang, ~100m sig radius orbiting at 500m/s, how much better would the faction guns be?

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serker [ Editor ]

Tracking emulation program gave me this graph: alt text

Blue is Domination battery with EMP L(11250m optimal, I think), Green is Domination battery with Titanium Sabot L(tracking +20%), Red is standard battery with EMP L and Yellow is standard battery with Titanium Sabot L. Target - 100m signature, 500 m/s transversal, 0% resists. It is DPS shown on the graph, scale to the left is percentage of the max possible damage. I've added tracking ammo on the graph just to see how "good" it will be.

It shows that Domination guns are wastly superior to the standard ones. Especially considering their two times better EHP and 20% less PG consumption.

If we wll include Stasis Weblification battery effect, and target speed will be at 12.5 m/s:

alt text

Domination Battery advantage still exists, although at a bit lesser degree.

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melissa blick

Thanks for the analysis! I can’t figure out how to load different guns in the tool, but you have already given me a great starting point. Currently using a mix of emp/fusion/pp L on all the guns.

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