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Predicting Orbit Path

Asked by [ Moderator ]

Is there anyway of predicting the path your ship is going to take when you select "orbit"?

Can you predict what direction another ship is going to go in when they select orbit?

Is there a trick to getting a reasonably circular orbit manually? (e.g. for spiral approach, you would center the camera on the target, double-click half way between the target and the edge of the screen, and repeat until you are at the required range.)

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I don't think there is a way to predict the orbit path no. I've observed the behavior of my ships when piloting them, and my best guess is, it is random, although relative to the position, speed, distance, from target to orbit.

Have you ever fit a mwd to a rifter and pick a target 50k away, travel straight at it from 50k away and at any given distance, you press the orbit command, your ship will then make a change in position, or direction, (degrees of freedom)...

If you straight line approach a target from 50 k away and wait till 5k away from target and press orbit at 500m, the ship will in fact behave differently if you had orbited at 1k away from target.

if you try to compare the same orbit ranges, , It still is random. Idk much about eve, I'm a noob, but from what Ive gathered from my own experiments, you cannot predict an orbit path.

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beanbagking [ Editor ]

Only because nobody seems to have an answer for you, I'll give it my best shot.

I think the reason nobody has one is that there really isn't one. I personally have never observed any kind of pattern that could be used to predict an orbit (yours or someone elses), but I've never looked at it closely either.

As for the circular orbit, I think you have the right of it, or at least the easiest way I can see. I'm not sure there is really a best way, everyone probably has their own little methods.

Sorry my answers aren't really useful, goodluck.

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