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Questions about Tengu

Asked by [ Editor ]

Is the Tengu only good for lvl4 missions or can I make lower (and higher) missions with this ship? I think its also good for lvl3 because of heavy missiles.

Do a Tengu use drones with a normal mission runner fitting?

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serker [ Editor ]

Of course, Tengu is good for running L3 or even L2 missions with his heavy but little-sized missiles. At L5 he is not that good though due to lack of less-than-BS targets to shoot at. And his tank is not enough for L5s. And about drones - Tengu misses the drone bay completely, there is no setups which will allow you to use drones.

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khan 720

yes there is a set up that allows drones its a subsystems Only issue is you dont get to use many drones

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amarrahh [ Editor ]

Tengu is an excellent mission runner and I regularly use it for lvl4's especially when there is a large amount of Frigs, Cruisers and BC's. You can have drones with the Tengu - check out sub system Tengu Offensive - Rifling Launcher Pattern - this gives you :- Bonus: 10% bonus to ECM target jammer strength per level 5% bonus to Heavy, Heavy Assault and Assault Missile Launcher Rate of Fire per level and Drones 50m3 25 Mbit/sec

I do not use this as I feel that heavy missiles with a target painter clear frigs fast enough without drone assistance but it is there if you want to use drones with the Tengu.

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