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R&D agent questions

Asked by [ Editor ]

As I've been a pew-pew mission runner and PvPer for the last 5 years, I barely know anything about doing research, industry, etc.

I'm curious how one gains standing with R&D agents/corps (other than skills)? I see that they give you one mission a day - is that it? Should I attempt running missions for other agents in the same corp?

Also, how many R&D agents can I use at a time?

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For starters, R&D agents have really lost their flair. IMO.

But let's cover your questions.

The authoritative answer:

To grind standings, you want to run normal missions (courier, indy, kill, command, security, whatever floats your boat) for the corp in which your target R&D agents are employed. For example, Lai Dai. I would recommend working your up way up to level 4 regular mission agents. As your standing with the corp improves, you are able to use more profitable R&D agents.

The single, silly, simple missions that the R&D agents hand out are mostly meant to double your research points for that one day. Again, a little personal injection here, those R&D missions are worthless. But hey, that should not stop you from trying a couple out, right? =)

I believe you can use a max of 6 mission agents - you have to train up Research Project Management to get that, though.

My experience with mission agents has shown me that they are simply more hassle then they are worth. First there is the time sink of raising your science skills up. If you have a science/invention/manufacturing alt, this may fit in nicely anyway - but this alt probably will not be running level 4 combat missions, right? Next, once you have 6 agents, not only do you have to consider what you want them to research, but chances are that they will be researching different things - I found it extremely difficult to find 6 high quality agents that research the same thing. In fact, I opted to go with a level 3 agent over a level 4 simply to grab a better datacore at the time. Which brings me to my final point.

Datacore prices have dropped drastically. At one point, you could pull in 300-400mil per month pretty easy on datacores with maxed out skills (or so I am lead to believe). I can only collect roughly 150mil every 3 or 4 months with my slightly-higher-than-average skills. On top of that, I have to travel about 40 jumps or so carrying somewhat bulky datacores around and trying to find a good place to sell them. If your main reason for doing datacores in the first place is isk, than datacores really suck. If you want them to make stuff, I personally believe it is far more satisfying and convenient just to buy them.

Just my two cents.

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duncan green

I’m not too worried about datacore profits, and my alt actually does run level 4’s comfortably – just trying out a new facet of eve :P

But thank you, this does answer my question thoroughly.

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ancalagon [ Editor ]

Max Research Agents = 6: 1 + 1 per level of Research Project Manager

Here is a useful website: that will let you see what you are likely to get out and how the skills will affect it. One word of warning, as mentioned above the prices change. I set out to get myself a good income from reserch agents but by the time my skills where trained and my Rep ground up, the profit had fallen to about 1/3rd of where it was when I started out.

As to the 'is it worth it?' question - it will take you a resonable amount of time grinding missions and SP to get setup the skills but once you have, it is income that just keeps coming. The only effort involed is collecting the datacores and if you can find a resonable selection of agents in your local area then this effort can be minimal. So short and medium term, I would say they are not worth it but long term yes. It is more worthwhile if you are going to get into industry/invention where the skills will be useful.

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rashmika [ Editor ]

To answer your questions directly.

Yes skills to help (ie connections to increase the current standing and social to increase the amount of standing gained etc.). However I am not aware of any R&D corp with "kill" division. I've had to do all of mine by grinding couriers which takes a long time. It's also tougher now due to the level 4 courier nerf/balance.

Previously a level 4 courier could ask you to haul a 0.1m3 package. Whereas now they all seem to be a minimum of 3000m3. No more speedy shuttling!

If you've got a high faction standing, pick the best quality agent you can find from a Division that will be of most relevance to you. Then grind those standings up... If you get lucky, you'll get the occasional combat or mining mission. You'll really notice the standing gain from one of these compared to a courier.

In terms of number of agents you can use. The default is one. However this isn't really effective in terms of time invested to grind standing. Train up Research Project Management to at least 4 and have 5 R&D agents on the go. If you're over keen, take it to 5. However I have only done this on my non-combat alt!


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