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Ratting in Null Sec

Asked by [ Editor ]

I fly Amarr ships, up to battleships. I have high armour and cap skills and less with the actual guns. I have decent drone skills. What is the best set up for null sec ratting? I currently use one of two ships, an Armageddon battleship or a Harbinger battlecruiser. I active tank both in classic PvE style against Guristas pirates. Is there a better Amarr ship for this that I ought to be training for? Or is my best bet a good fit?

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ecaf ersa [ Editor ]

I would look to a Zealot although it sounds like you'd also need to develop your energy turret skills to make the best of the great bonuses this ship gets to them.

It should give you dps and tank of a battlecruiser, or at least one as good and the other close, and be faster as well.

You'll suffer with cargo size for loot but a can at a safespot will sort that problem out.

5 medium beam lasers in the highs (or 4 and a salvager if you desire)

Active tank and maybe a cap power relay or two if you need the cap recharge in the lows.

An mwd and webber in the mids leaving you a spare slot. Either a cap recharger if you need more lows for tank or maybe a painter. You might want to consider a scram or disruptor if there is a chance of being jumped by hostile players.

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liverpooler [ Editor ]

You will have trouble killing guristas in any kind of laser boat. Guristas have high EM resists and you'll see that though you can tank the damage, killing them will take forever+1. I say this from experience.

If you want to still to amarr ships, use a Sacrilege. Or, if you can use guns, fit artillery/autocannons on that Abaddon. If you have gallente skills, use an Ishtar, and if you have caldari skills, use a raven or drake.

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nathan cox

Don’t I know it. Drones do most of my damage right now.

Unfortunately I’m all Amarr skills and mostly defense. I can use up to T2 small I believe. Maybe I’ll go for the missile skills instead. That’s the beauty of EVE.

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matt_12 [ Editor ]

One of the best Amarr ships for Ratting believe it or not is an AB & Pulse fitted Zealot.

This is due to a number of factors:

  1. It has a really small sig radius.
  2. It has lots of armour, and easy to rep.
  3. It can pump out a large amount of DPS.
  4. you can if you have good cap skills as you say run the AB perminently.
  5. It's fast and nimble, which means you can get out quick if it goes wrong/red in system and also move between rat clusters quicker.
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lol damn my phone ringing while writing this post I would have seen Ecaf’s post, he has the right idea. +1 for him

ecaf ersa

Add +1 for a good alternative setup…I am going to try that one out.

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homshar chal

Would also consider cloak in a high slot,..might be worth losing some DPS in order to be able to safe up from other players. Of course you can always disconnect if the wolves are out to get you, but I always considered that unsportsman like! ;)

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