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Salvage Drones?

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When are they going to make salvage drones? It would make missions running much more profitable, not to mention faster for the new dedicated ship coming out in the next expeansion, the Noctis.

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snellopi [ Editor ]

The Salvage Drone skill has long been in the skills database. It probably was an idea at some point, but it's unlikely that we'll see it soon if ever. The present way of looting/salvaging post-mission with a destroyer or BC works well. The Noctis will make it even better. However, you could consider running missions in a Golem with 2x tractors and a salvager fitted and salvage while you mission.

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naaga [ Editor ]

Actualy if you look at the overwiev settings you can see that salvager drones are in drone list also warp scram drones and proximity drones.

Bringing the salvager drones into play would probably sink the rig market.

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redmage [ Editor ]

The salvaging drone skill was a reward from a new player mission when they did the big redesign of the New Player Experience during the Apocrypha expansion. People did the mission just for the skill. They did officially announce there were no plans to put salvaging drones in the game at this point. They also pulled the skill book from the reward.

Black Market Trading is another skill that was released and pulled, serving no real use.

Well one use, my almost MAXed Thanatos pilot will never be top on a skillboard chart because it does not have that skill.

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