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Security status decrease on bombing gates

Asked by [ Moderator ]

When bombing ships on a gate in a stealth bomber in null sec I've noticed that sometimes damaging the gate will give you a sec hit. This does not always happen, though. Is there a system to this or is it just bugged?

In other words is there a certain type of gate that will give you a sec hit?

I though it might have something to do with constellation or regional gates but that does not seem to be the case either.

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while in 0.0 you shouldnt be taking any sec hits at all. the problem probably is the systems your bombing is one of those odd systems that say they are 0.0, but their truesec status is lowsec. try hitting up google to compare where you take the sec hits to those funny systems with the odd truesec.

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Interesting… I was not aware of this issue.


Will have to do some testing on this before I set this as the accepted answer…

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melissa blick [ Editor ]

As Mattk50 said, there are systems where the true security > 0.00, but eve rounds it down to 0.0 on the display. You can search for True Security > 0.01 and sort by that column to get a quick list. I know that website is really outdated and doesn't include newer regions, but I don't think the sec status of the systems displayed has changed in a long time.

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