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Skil Training Complete and Share IPs

Asked by [ Editor ]

I live with someone who also uses this website, we have the same IP address.

He's not as active as me but I was curious as to whether being on the same IP as someone else may cause problems? If I mark an answer of his up for example will I be flagged as marking "my own answers" up? I don't know his user name so I might be doing this already (only realized he was on here yesterday whilst walking past his desk lol)

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makoto utari [ Editor ]

You will not have a problem. If both of you always mark up each others answers the back-end of the website may flag your accounts for attention by the admin (me) but it won't do anything automatically.

Almost all web applications these days have no problem dealing with multiple users using the same IP address. This is because major ISPs like AOL put users behind shared IP proxies and if websites didn't work well with multiple users on the same IP they would have thousands of complaining users.

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nmacholl [ Editor ]

Probably won't be a big issue overall. I reckon the site logs your IP so you can't upvote your own questions. So you and your roommate or whomever can't upvote each other's questions. Other than that I don't see any other conflict. Unless one of you get's banned or something, in which case your IP will probably be blacklisted.

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harlock [ Editor ]

As long as you ain't trying to abuse the system (understand : farming votes and "good replies" with an account to powerlevel the other), I doubt anybody will ever care ;)

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