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Storage in Customs Office

Asked by [ Editor ]

Is the storage in a customs office set up individually like your personal hangar in a station or is it just one hangar for all?

For example, if I launch materials to the customs office and leave them there can the next person coming along take the materials or do they just see their own storage area?

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2 answers


aragaer [ Editor ]

It is individual. I keep some stuff in a customs office in 0.9 system and no one have yet picked anything from me.

NN comments

On the other hand I suspect you can’t just keep random stuff there as it might be limited to PI only.


As far as I know it is limited to PI stuff only.

luteros [c-r-o]

How long will the Stuff stay in there, can you use it as storage extension, or will it disappear after next DT / days / month ?

ecaf ersa

Good questions – I will try these things out in test I think


It definitely stays over DT. It can survive several days. I didn’t check, but I suspect it can stay there indefinitely.


I tested it and found that it lasted at least a week

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amarrahh [ Editor ]

I farm my PI on a weekly basis and by mistake left some PI products in the customs office. It was still there 7 days later and if I can confirm it will stay indefinitely I will use the custom office as extended storage.

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