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Strip Miners vs regular Mining lasers

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How do strip miners differ from regular mining modules?

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yuripup [ Editor ]

Miner IIs have a cycle time of 60 seconds a remove a base volume of 60 m^3 and can be mounted on any ship.

Strip Miner Is have a cycle time of 180 second and a base volume of 540 m^3 and can only be mounted on mining barges and exhumers.

The biggest advantage of Strip Miner I is the 3 minute cycle time, allowing you to spend more (potentially dangerous) time semi-afk.

While battleship mining with Miner IIs will yield more rock than the 2 strip miner Retriever (by about 20%), the larger cargo hold of the Retriever (2000 m^3 base) and cycle time will mean a lot less micro-management while mining. But a Rohk going full out on mining will require you to empty the hold every 45 second or so.

The 3 Strip Miner Covetor out mines all battleships.

The Hulk, the top of the line T2 mining barge (exhumer) fits 3 Strip Miners and has a cargo hold of 8,0000 m^3 meaning it can unattended for 6 minutes or more without shutting off.

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They can only be fit on Mining Barges and Exhumers. Their cycle time is 180 seconds as opposed to 60 seconds. The tradeoff for this is vastly increased mining efficiency with less highslot useage. Well skilled miners can fit Modulated Strip Miner IIs, which can accept ore-specific crystals to further increase mining yield.

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rook ares [ Moderator ]

Strip miner require you to have either a Mining Barge or an Exhumer. Their cycle time is double that of a normal mining laser and their yield is far greater (180 sec cycle). The tech twos allow for specialized crystals that will increase your yield of a specific ore.

Not however that a ship that can fit 8 miner IIs will actually be able to yield more per second than a strip miner without figuring in bonuses. However after the bonuses and figuring in cargohold capacity a proper strip miner fitted ship will do better.

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makoto utari

Don’t you mean triple the time of normal mining laser?

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