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Sublight Travel

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I realize that subwarp travel would be extremely slow even with a MWD or an Afterburner on the fastest of Angel frigates, but is it possible to go between stations at sublight speeds? I know there are some systems where objects can be relatively close together, by which I mean less than 1 AU, maybe measuring in the thousands of kilometers. Could I set my ship to travel between them on a cap stable MWD and come back to find myself there?

If not within 23 hours I would have to adjust for downtime logoffs of course.

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btek [ Editor ]

Sure, it's possible, just depends on the distance you're looking at travelling and the speed your ship can do.

I know there's at least one system (Suroken?) that has two stations within 150 km of each other, so there's an obvious candidate.

Assuming your travel had to be complete between DTs, and your ship can do 10km/s, then the theoretical max travel distance sub-warp would be:

23 hours x 60 mins x 60 secs x 10km/s = 828,000 km.

Which really isn't that far. It's only 0.0055 au. (1au = 149,598,000 km) This would limit you to stations orbiting the same moon/planet, or similar, as I doubt there's moons/planets that close together.

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the two Jita 4-4 stations are a good candidate for distance, although I wouldn’t advise messing around in that system.

bonsi scott

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maybe, because there is a battlefield abstraction called the grid.

items, stations and objects are placed on the grid which size varies based on the size of the solar system. typically if you fly 400kms from a station you will still be able to see it but all other ships and items will not show on your overview. you are said to be off-grid. this is good for safespots, instant undocks and such.

if you travel 1000kms from a station it will dissappear.

from there, im not sure. prior to the planetary repaint stations were closer to planets and you could even fly into planets, and through them.

it would be an interesting experiment. if you fly off one grid do you enter another, if so can you make your way across the vast expanse of space to another station grid.

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steve 66

Sounds almost ‘Quantam’ guys… and who really understands that ? Excellent answers though…


You are always on a grid. Whenever you leave a grid you enter a new one. You may be the only ship there, but it is still a grid. Also the ranges for grids are not constant. They can stretch and compress based on neighboring grids and ships on grid. The whole grid mechanic thing is extremely complex and hard to formalize in writing.


CanHasGank is correct, simply by being in space you are generating your own grid, if a ship lands within 250km of you he will automatically be on grid with you. If you want to understand grid mechanics further have a read of this , but unless you are happy with Eculdian reference frames it may well give you a headache.

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Yes it is, there are a couple of stations in Jita that are within viewing distance of each other. Whilst there I also took my inti to the center of a nearby moon, took about 15 mins at 4kms

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