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If one were to fly out of a solar system, i.e. point a direction and click, without warping; where would you go? Is it actually possible to (fly) from one system to another without using a jump gate?

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ecaf ersa [ Editor ]

I believe that ral is correct here - it would simply take too long. Wikipedia tells that 1 AU is around 149,597,871 kms and some systems are 100 AUs across. One AU in a 5km/s interceptor would take nearly a year.

I also don't think that CCP intended it to be possible as evidenced by their removal of the so called "deep safe spots", that were far outside the supposed limits of a solar system, that some players managed to create by exploiting a bug in the system.

I once heard the tale of a pilot who attempted to reach Jove space by travelling to the "edge of the universe" and pointing his interceptor in the supposedly right direction and leaving it flying for days, restarting it after each downtime. I doubt he got very far even if it were true.

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even if it was theoretical possible it would take to long to get there. also it is not possible since each system is it's own logical unit in a way. this is needed to run them on different cpus otherwise it would be pretty hard to accomplish this. i think the furthest you can get is 20 AU from the most outer orbital object i.e. a stargate or a planet. i dont what happens if you want to get further though.

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darksider2000 [ Editor ]

There is no practical answer to this question, take the fastest unmodded ship in the game, as far as I know it goes about 400 m/s. If a ship travels from point A to point B at that speed for 24 hrs it will only progress 34,560 km which is nothing given into consideration that an AU equals approximately 150 Million km. Theoretically speaking the answer is simple. Most space games including EVE Online use the same physics engine. Every "Solar System" is an Infinite Sphere. Meaning that you can travel an infinite distance for an infinite amount of time and nothing will happen, the only thing that will change is that all the stasis objects will get aligned together and show up as one, because of the huge distance you will cover. Basically you will keep flying forward forever, and you will still be in the very same "Solar System".

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