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What are the best player made EVE videos of all time?

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What are the best player made EVE videos of all time? Erm I think the title said it all lol

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Highly subjective… Should have been made a “community wiki”


awesome question to make some buzz!

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btek [ Editor ]

Crazy Kinux of BlogPack fame has this list (includes some CCP trailers), plus a couple more.

I'll echo Fen Shui about Clear Skies, it's excellent. Parts 2 and 3 out now too.

0utbreak Redux is one of my favourites, with a superb song backing it. Got me into Muse.

Tortuga - Lacrimosa is great.

Lord Malador's triage carrier vids are pretty cool: Equinox, Clarion Call 1, Clarion Call 2

For some old-school roaming action try Farjung's Wave of Mutilation vids.

For ancient history try the mOo vids by The Reverend, from the wiki page.

Evolution released this snippet of enhanced visuals years ago, but never completed it.

Eve Hell is just about the funniest Eve vid of all time.

How could I forget the legendary Concordokken... (thanks to Kazz for the reminder)

Also, check out the links in the My Eve forum.

And here's an index on the wiki.

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matt_12 [ Editor ]

I liked Rooks and Kings Clarion Call, both Pantheon and Call for support...

Very useful, when I was looking at getting into Capital ships, narrated and pretty epic what you can do when you know how.

At work so can't link the you tube vid :( will pop on when I get home tonight and add it.

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ecaf ersa [ Editor ]

I remember an animation that did the rounds a few months after I started playing, sometime in the first half of 2006, made shortly after the changes to carriers.

The film centred around the changes and how apparently rubbish the Nidhoggur had become.

If anyone can find a link I'd be very grateful.

The animation quality wasn't great but the presentation was brilliant.

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ecaf ersa

That’s the one…awesome!

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dragonrider000 [ Editor ]

Thats very easy it would be clear skys both parts its like an eve movie. CCP should give the money to make a real theatre movie to the guys who made that it would be a hit.

now we can only hope for a clear skys part 3!!!

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