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What are the penalties for losing a strategic cruiser?

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I've heard that losing a strategic cruiser will cost you skill points. How many and from what skills?

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canhasgank [ Moderator ]

If if you loose a T3 ship while actively piloting it you will loose one level from one of the racial subsystem skills. Only the subsystem skills of the same race as the ship in question are at risk. All your other skills, including the t3 ship skill itself (ie. Caldari Strategic Cruiser), are safe. Which one of the five subsystem skills that loose a level is random as far as I know.

The subsystem skills are all rank 1 skills so the time to re-train is not that bad.

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So if you have them all trained at level 5, you still lose a whole level from one of them, not an amount of skill points?


Yes. You will loose one whole level form one subsystem skill.

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There is a 'work-around' to the losing sp. If you eject right before it blows up - you don't lose the sp.

Granted if you eject too soon they may not destroy it and hop in and fly away. But it you eject right when you hit hull on a tengu (for example), chances are they wont stop in time to save it from being destroyed and you wont lose the sp.

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Bottom line is : what do you value more ? Your skillpoints or the ennemy getting your ship ?

I think it’s more important to save “learning time” ;)

PS : of course the worse can still happen : they get the T3 ship, scram your pod, ransom your body, and pod you once you paid :D :P :P

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