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What are the pros and cons of each of the battleships for sniping in null-sec?

Asked by [ Moderator ]

I know the Apocalypse, Megathron, Rokh and Tempest are all often cited as sniper battleships (and maybe some of the other BSs, too) but what are the pros and cons for each when used in the null-sec ship-of-the-line sniping role?

  • Apocalypse has bonuses for lasers range and cap use
  • Megathron has bonuses for hybrid damage and tracking
  • Rokh has bonuses for hybrid range and shield resists
  • Tempest has bonuses for projectile damage and rate-of-fire

For sniping, wouldn't you want range and dps? Assuming you had all the correct gunnery skills and equal racial battleship skills, which would you choose?

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gah'matar [ Moderator ]

While Rohk is probably the best overall sniper, it uses a shield tank which isn't always convenient in a fleet depending on available carrier fits and logistics.

Apoc is a great sniper and the instant crystal changes coupled with the T1 crystals never running out of ammo gives lots of flexibility. In POS shoots, it requires the least human interaction. With a variety of ammo types, you can always be in optimal whether at 50, 70, 90 or 150km.

Tempest can get monstruous alphas which can really help break tanks, although sustained DPS is pretty ordinary.

Megathron's tracking bonus helps hit closer/faster targets which can be a problem for other snipers. The large drone bay can also come in very handy.

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yuripup [ Editor ]

The answer is a bit more complicated than that--you have to look at base DPS, alpha (which is more important in snipers) and what you have to give up to get that range.

While Artillery has the largest alpha you also have to look at the ship scan ranges:

Tempest: 62 KM (shortest)
Apocalypse 67.5 KM
Megathron 72 KM
Rokh 90 KM

Looking at the base Optimal of the biggest long range guns we have

Artillery 48 KM
Beam Lasers 52.8 KM
Rail Guns 58 KM

I have only played a little with sniper fits, but you end up giving up a lot of slots for scan range too. To hit a target you have to be able to lock it.

Looking from this point of view, I think the Rokh wins--best scan range, best base weapon range, a range bonus on that. Assuming you have a 25% bonus to scan range from Long Range Targeting V, the Rokh weights in at 112.5 KM scan range and optimal of 90.625 KM (Caldari BS V, Sharpshooter V). Use the 60% bonus range ammo and your optimal is at 145 KM.

The Rokh is going to need relatively few modules to get into 150KM range game, leaving more for DPS boosts.

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