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What are the Rules of Engagement on SiSi?

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What are the Rules of Engagement on the test server (SiSi) and what consequences can it have if I break these rules?

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canhasgank [ Moderator ]

On SiSi only consensual PvP is allowed. If you attack someone in space and kill them, they can petition it and you may earn yourself a permanent ban from the test server.

There is only one exception to this. The solar system FD-MLJ has beacons at locations set up for free-for-all PvP testing. The beacons are restricted to certain ship types indicated by the beacon title. Podding is not allowed under any circumstances, so be very careful with bombs, smartbombs and FOF missiles. You are not allowed to attack anyone at the station, at the gates or anywhere else in system, only at the prepared beacons.

Full set of SiSi rules can be found here

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