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What effects time to warp?

Asked by [ Moderator ]

For example, why does it sometimes take more time to go into warp coming out of a station then it does after jumping?

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gah'matar [ Moderator ]

Ship agility controls time to warp. It's a bit hard to see in eve's fitting window or in show info. EFT does a good job of calculating time to warp.

Things that can speed time to warp include:

  • Intertia Stabilizers
  • Nanofiber Internal Structures
  • Low Friction Nozzle Joint rigs
  • Polycarbon Engine Housing rigs

Things that can make you warp slower include:

  • Armor Plates
  • Any of the Armor Rigs

The time to warp equation is -ln(0.25)*Mass_in_kg*Agility/1000000

As soon as you reach 75% of your speed in a straight line, you warp.

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makoto utari [ Editor ]

The time to warp out of a station is sometimes longer than after a jump due to the fact that you are already moving forward at full speed in one direction and you may need to turn around and slow down before you can speed up in the opposite direction to warp.

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beldorr [ Editor ]

I answered a similar question about insta-warping and part of my post can be applied here. (Updated for this question of course)

Max velocity doesn’t have an effect on warp time. Only Mass and Inertia affect warp time. Velocity only changes acceleration rate.

Warp time = Inertia x Mass x 10^(-6) x –(LN(1-0.75/1))

Since only Mass and Inertia for calculating base warp time Modules and skills that affect warping should be looked at.

Since modules are already listed I will put up some skills that affect inertia.

  • Advanced Spaceship Command: 5% agility bonus s per level on ships requiring this skill
  • Capital Ships: 5% agility bonus s per level on ships requiring this skill
  • Spaceship Command: 2% agility for all ships per level
  • Evasive Maneuvering: 5% agility bonus for all ships per level
  • Skirmish Warfare: 2% agility to fleet per skill level
  • Skirmish warfare Mindlink (implant): 15% agility to fleet, replaces Skirmish warfare skill
  • Warp Drive Operation (skill) (only listed because it affects how far you can warp) :–)

Tricks for warping faster:

See my “insta-web” post here: Align time when Webbed

Afterburner (AB) /micro warp drive (MWD):

The trick to increasing warp time with an AB or MWD is to turn on the module for one cycle at the -start- of your warp. This temporally increases your acceleration rate during the cycle of the module, which means you gain those m/s faster. When the AB or MWD turns off it reduces your acceleration rate and max velocity, but the goal is to be at the 75% speed of the base max velocity when the AB/MWD deactivates.

Example: (Using orca, fake numbers to lazy for hard math, but explains how it works)

  • Warp time: 60 seconds
  • Base Max Velocity: 100m/s warp velocity: 75/ms
  • Acceleration rate: 1.25 m/s (just avg, keeping it simple)
  • Max Velocity with AB 200m/s, cycle time 20seconds)
  • Acceleration rate: 3.33 m/s (just avg, keeping it simple)

Your goal is to reach 75m/s as fast as possible to enter warp.

By running the AB for 1 cycle at, start of warp, you increase your acceleration to 3.33m/s for 20 sec. achieving 66.6 velocity at the end of the cycle leaving 8.4 m/s left which only takes 7 seconds.

So with the AB trick, you can get to warp in about half the time your original align time is in this fictional scenario.

Notes on AB trick:

  • only helpful if your align time is greater than the AB cycle time
  • Must use when starting from 0m/s
  • Harmful if used mid warp
  • Real application is not going to be 50% faster
  • Acceleration is not a straight m/s, it’s more logarithmic. faster acceleration starting slower acceleration near max velocity
NN comments

I’d also be lying if said I wasn’t going for a necromancer badge… :–) gogo 5 votes I hope!


You say that “Max velocity doesn’t have an effect on warp time”, but it does! Part of warping is getting to 75% speed, but also to be pointing in the right direction, so someone doing 50% max speed in the opposite direction has to slow to near zero before they can turn 180 degrees and then speed up again. Your formula is for the perfect situation where there is no starting velocity. Very good answer, otherwise – +1 to raise the dead.

Thats a good point! I believe the warp time should be the same in your example if deceleration is the same acceleration. If you change the max velocity, but still going 50% max velocity, in other direction the amount of warp time to slow down, turn around and get back to 75% would be the same value.

The example I’m thinking of is Dramel going mwd (50% max) @ 2,500 m/s then doing a 180 and warping off. This turn around and warp time is going to be the same time as a Dramiel with non-mwd doing (50%=400 m/s?) and then doing a 180 and warping off.

If deceleration==acceleration where inertia and mass are used in the formula. I don’t know the deceleration formula so I’m not 100% sure

I think you are right. The situation I would be interested in, maybe, is whether the slowing down, turning and speeding up is necessary in each case? I seem to remember intys and other fast ships are doing such speed that they are almost aligned before they finish halfway slowing down, so the warp time formula must be a whole lot more complicated than just the time-to-75% velocity-from-standstill.


Am I missing somethin, but by the very fact that the Stasis Webifier makes you warp faster by reducing a ships Maximum Velocity mean by default that a ships Max velocity must effect it’s warp time?

Now granted it may not directly be a factor, but the ratio between agility/acceleration factor and Max velocity must have an effect by default no?

Other than that it’s a great post and impressive necro.

Stasis webifiers only make you warp faster if you are already moving. If you web someone sitting a 0 m/s, they have the same warp time if they were not webbed. I like to use the extremes to example this.

If I have my Freighter sitting on gate, not moving (exactly 0 m/s), and I triple web it lowering its max velocity to 10m/s. If I then initiate warp, it still takes 40-50 seconds to get to warp. If velocity had an effect on warp the freighter warp time would change considerably

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xkaraxis [ Editor ]

An interesting side effect of Eve's physics model is that ships at rest have no direction. So, right after you jump your ships is technically pointing everywhere and doesn't have to turn to align even though you see the visual model turn.

Your ship has to be at 75% speed to warp. This is 75% of the current top speed so, if you web an aligned ship at 35% speed it will suddenly be over 75% of its new reduced top speed and instantly warp.

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