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What is a quick reference for PvE class enemies?

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When going up against rats, missions and wormholes what is the generic ship class that I should use? Level 1-4 mission, rats strength vs sec status and wormhole enemies (sleepers?).

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gah'matar [ Moderator ]

Lots of questions here.

Specific NPCs Info:

This will provide a guide to individual NPC ship types. It's useful to get things like sec status gain (gain is based on highest sec gain rat killed per arbitrary time period per system, arbitrary period being 10-20 minutes or so).

Rat Strength vs. Sec Status: Basically the higher the bounty, the higher the strength and sec status gain. I.e.: Serpentis Core Grand Admiral gets you 1162500 ISK and 0.046% sec gain. Serpentis Core Baron (weakest BS) gets you 375000 ISK and 0.032% sec gain.

Ship Class vs. Mission Level

For optimal speed: L1: Destroyer L2: Caracal or Battlecruiser (Caracal only viable with high-end assault missile launchers) L3: Battlecruiser or HAC L4: Battleship, Faction Battleship, Some HACs (Ishtar), etc. L5: Carrier (some lowsec L5s only)

L2/L3 blitzing: Assault frigs can blitz many L2/L3s. Hawk with a real pimp tank can blitz some L4s (it just fails at killing BS rats)

Ship Class vs. Sleeper

For optimal speed: C1: BC C2: BC / Command Ship C3: BS C4+: RR-BS C5+: Carrier

Mission walkthrough:

Reading these makes the selection of the ship to use easier. Can also gives you information on whether you can get away with lightening your tank for more gank (I.e.: removing 2nd repper for a magnetic field stabilizer, remove cap flux coil/shield power relay for a BCU)


Speed was the focus of my recommendations. Doesn't mean other ship classes can't be used. A kestrel can do almost all L1s with ease for example. Just won't be as fast as a destroyer at mowing down frigs. While I recommend a BC for both L2 and L3s, the fit would be different. In L2 it would focus in anti-frig damage, in L3 in anti-cruiser damage. That's why caracal is very good at L2s, 5x 'Arbalest' assault launcher and 2x T2 Ballistic Control Units kills frigs really fast.

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