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What is "Can Flipping"?

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What is "Can Flipping"? When do I need to worry about this? Do CCP care if I get flipped?

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stitcher [ Editor ]

1: Can flipping is a trick that makes use of the aggression mechanic to allow a player in high-sec to destroy a mining ship without getting CONCORDOKKEN'd. the idea is that you steal from a mining ship's "jet can" (a jettisoned cargo container that they're using to store the ore they're mining), which gives that player a right to shoot you. Typically, the can flipper shoves the ore thus stolen into a can of their own.

If the mining ship opens fire on the flipping ship, or reclaims the ore from the flipped can, then they have aggressed and can be engaged legally in combat. It's a cheap and simple technique to grab some easy kills if you don't mind people thinking you're lame.

2: you don't, really. If you're a dedicated miner, then there are a number of strategies for dealing with a flipper, ranging from just ignoring them and moving on, not using jet cans and shuttling the ore back to station in-hold, etc. Many dedicated mining corps will use an orca for its corp hangar bay, which can't be flipped (and in any case is several times larger than a jet can). So long as you don't open fire and don't try to reclaim the lost ore, the flipper can't do anything to you.

alternatively, you can trap the flipper by mining into a jet can launched by a friend who's hiding nearby in a stealth bomber, or other similarly powerful cloaked ship. When the flipper comes along and flips the can, the combat ship uncloaks and teaches him a lesson.

3: no.

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you’re right, my bad.

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miner jethro

I noticed no one else posted how to get the ore back after you have been can flipped, so I will answer how to get your ore back. This will work correctly with your typical industrial ship and works perfectly unless the can flipper knows how to stop it. These are the directions:

NOTE: The system needs to have a station. You could technically use this and warp to a gate but most can flippers are in frigates and are much faster than you. You could also warp to a planet, but again, the frigate may find you.

  1. Get can flipped, I suppose this isn't a step so much as it is an event. You've been can flipped. After this bookmark the can your new "friend" has put your ore in.

  2. Grab the industrial ship that you normally use to haul the ore away. You don't need a specific fit.

  3. Warp to the can bookmark you created that has your ore in it.

  4. Find a station you want to warp to, now move your ship where the can is between you and the station in a line.

  5. Align to the station. By the time you are fully align the can should be in range. Open the can's cargo and your cargo. Don't take the cargo yet. Now in the overview click the station you will dock with.

  6. QUICKLY place the can's cargo into your cargo then hit the dock with station button on your overview. You should instantly enter warp with your cargo safely in your cargo bay.

  7. After you are docked with the station, then you can do what you wish. You can A: Wait out the aggression timer, or B: get in a combat ship and try to kill the flipper. If you don't have a combat capable ship then do not undock from the station until your aggression timer is off (It is a yellow timer in the top left corner of your screen)

Do NOT do this if the flipper is too close. The flipper may wait for you to take the ore, then bump your ship, knocking you out of alignment and causing you to die in a most horrible manner.

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rixx javix

The third option is to warp back to station, undock in a ship that can kill the can-flipper, fly back to the belt and teach him a lesson. My alt keeps a Vengeance in dock for just that purpose and so far it has worked extremely well. Most can-flippers are cowards and will simply run away when they can't get an easy kill. Not all of course, so you have to be prepared to fight.

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Heh, I popped an Ishkur that did just that with my Tristan. Very lol. I need to flip your alt in one ;–).

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harlock [ Editor ]

Watch out when trying to get revenge, there might be a trap within the trap and the guy might be fleeted with cloaked friends.

Some canflip you not to kill your retriever or whatever mining barge you might use (I hope hulk level players don't get fooled so easily) but expect you to come back in hot with some more juicy vessel.

To avoid troubles :

  • WATCH YOUR CAN before moving stuff in / out ! If it's yellow => DON'T TOUCH IT !
  • If someone is coming near you in a belt with a combat ship, it's likely he is about to can flip you
  • Often they won't even steal your ore, simply drop some ammo inside your can to trigger the "property" status of the can (ie : turn it yellow).
  • Keep in mind that canflipping someone makes you "aggro" the whole corporation. So a canflipper is vulnerable to your whole corporation for 15 minutes. Use your corp mates and teach them a lesson

It's a cheap way to own noobs, for sure. Because when people turn red they think they can shout the guy and be fine. They forget that concord will not help them though...

Best way to own a can flipper : warp cramble him and then keep him alive. Have him stuck in the belt for a long time. He will end up self destructing his ship out of rage ;)

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BTW : I ain’t sure about my last point : does canflip flag you PVP with the whole corp ? I am not so sure in the end. If he attacks you he will be flagged toward your corp though. Can anybody confirm ?


so warp scrambling a can flipper doesn’t make you his enemy?

amon rahm
– yes it does. if you scram him or in any way activate a module on him you are now red. Just targeting is safe, but anything else and you will be attackable.


i don’t know if you could do that in the old days… but now a days you can’t place something into a can you do not own your self ^^;

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amon rahm

Can Flipping = no one wants your ore, they want combat.

Aside from trying to bait miners and ratters into fighting, pilots looking for pvp will drop cans throughout the system in hopes that someone will take the bait, and then be red to them and legally attackable.

This is also the way to start duels in high-sec, so two pilots can fight with no Concord interference. Some hotshots will flip every can they come across in the hopes that someone will engage them.. most will look to see your age and combat record before doing so.

And YES, if you take a can you are red to their entire corp for 15 minutes – unless it’s npc corp then you are only red to that single pilot.

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beldorr [ Editor ]

There is also another form of can flipping not mentioned here for PVPers which is aimed at killing pirates.

If you warp to a belt with a miner in it, you can put your own jet can with some ore in it out there (the miner might donate some ore to your cause too!). Then you sit in your cloaked combat ship waiting for a true can flipper to come by and flip your can expecting it to be the miners can. If you are in a fleet you can occupy many belts to increase the flip chances while being able to offer support.

Happy Hunting

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