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What is collateral for courier missions?

Asked by [ Moderator ]

Why do I have to pay to take these missions and do I get it back?

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mykael [ Editor ]

Agents ask for Collateral for Courier Missions so that you don't courier the cargo up to Jita and sell it for yourself. The Collateral is usually close to the market value of the cargo and is returned to you upon delivery of the cargo.

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rook ares [ Moderator ]

The collateral is there so that you have a reason to deliver the cargo. Also if you were to say get your ship destroyed, the agent would have something to show for their lack of cargo.

When players ask for couriers they usually overvalue the collateral of the cargo so that if your ship does get destroyed they will profit. There have been some player run schemes in which they purposely blow up the courier in order to hold on to both the item and the collateral.

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