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What is Eve Fitting Tool?

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Other players keep telling me to install Eve Fitting Tool (EFT). What is the point of EFT and where do I get it?

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darinas [ Moderator ]

Eve Fitting Tool (EFT) is a PC application that allows you to equip ships from Eve outside of Eve Online. It allows you to build experimental fits without buying all the modules first, and you can view many interesting statistics including the damage per second of your weapons (DPS) and the amount of damage your ship can receive in total before it gets popped (effective hit points - EHP).

Another great bonus is that you can share your fittings with people on (or import other people's fittings from there) and also export your fittings to Eve itself so that you can fit that ship really quickly when you have the modules and ship in your current hangar.

The link to EFT is down there on the right of the screen, in the Useful Software section.

There are other tools that do this same job (including EveHQ which also combines the functionality of the EFT and EveMon tools with a POS designer, map tool, assets viewer, etc.) but EFT is recognised as the standard tool when discussing ship fittings.

NN comments

EFT and EVEHQ now seem to have the same DPS calculators too, so that identically fitted ships in each program flown by the same pilot should have the same DPS.


I know EFT has an option to include reload times in DPS, so t hat might lead to different DPS numbers.


I know EFT has an option to include reload times in DPS, so that might lead to different DPS numbers.

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