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What is the maximum complex reactions a large POS can do?

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What is the maximum complex reactions a large POS can do? If you can do two, what would your POS setup look like? Thank you.

I know you can do one, but it looks like 2 reactions with the silos, pushes me just over the edge at 106.67% CPU usage.

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ecaf ersa [ Editor ]

Zaltora is correct.

You will need at least 3 silos or coupling arrays for each reactor, one to hold the output and at least 2 more, possibly 3 or 4, to store the inputs.

You could fit it all in with coupling arrays instead of silos but these will fill up in no time at all, in as little as 4 hours for some complex reactions.

I did a couple of years ago manage to make a satisfactory setup with 2 large Caldari towers that made Crystalline Carbonide from scratch. Each tower had a complex reactor making the Crys Carb and one simple reactor making either the Crystallite Alloy or the Carbon Polymers.

Making this setup was a tight squeeze as it was and didn't leave much CPU spare for any defences.

So no I am afraid whilst it is technically possible to fit 2 complex reactors and 6 coupling arrays on a large Caldari tower I wouldn't want to do it without an army of corpmates who I could rely on to help out and be there regularly to empty and refill the arrays.

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