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What is the minimum warping distance?

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And what types of objects can I warp/not warp to?

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caneb [ Editor ]

You need to be at least 150km away from an object to use it as a warp-in point.

You can warp to any celestial object, station, fleet members, wrecks, canisters, friendly towers and tower modules. You can also warp to any bookmarked location.

You cannot warp to hostile or neutral entities or npcs.

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gieron [ Editor ]

You can initiate warp to an object that is 150 km away. But you can choose to warp to 100 km from that object. Hence the shortest distance you can warp is 50 km.

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This is the “correct” answer regarding distance.

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If there's an object that you want to warp to that's not 150km away, what you can do is bookmark it, and then jump to the nearest celestial (so if you're in belt IV-1, warp to planet IV) and jump back to that object. Unless you're flying something really, really fast (an Interceptor, for instance), that's going to save you time if the distance you need to move is greater than about 80 km.

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rook ares [ Moderator ]

You can warp to any object that shows up in your overlay at a long enough distance. You can warp to something that is 150 km away, ships show up if they are 300km away. Also the farthest you can get from a warp point using the warp to command is 100km.

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