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What is the Quickest way to calculate a ships Mass?

Asked by [ Editor ]

Question above, basically I know each ship has a base mass, and that MWD's, AB's and Armour Plates modify that mass!

Basically what I am after is a way to calculate a ships mass (based on its fittings) I can't find this info on EFT I assume as I can't see it anywhere?

Reason for doing this is so I can write a spreadsheet to calculate black ops jump fuel requirements, force recon's are taking vastly more jump fuel armour tanked rather than shield tanked and I want to know my costs before I send a fleet through so I don't send only 2/3 of people through to their death because that falcon couldn't make it through... :D

I have the black ops jump drive formula, all that remains is the mass of the ships itself.

I know that the eve online item database has core mass of the vessels.

Also if there is anything different about calculating the mass of t3 cruisers?

Thanks in advance.


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matt_12 [ Editor ]

Ok in EFT you can do it by right clicking on the open section and clicking show ship info... It's right there at the top, and it includes any modules you have put on it that modify your ships mass.....

This was what I didn't know before, this value does include modules and will change if re-opened each time you turn them on/off etc

another mystery solved.... Thank god for EFT!

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